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Q. How long have you been doing this?
I have over 20 years of experience including event planning and marketing/public relations.  I specialize in weddings, private parties,  holiday events, corporate events and fundraisers. I have planned events locally, nationally and internationally.

Q. How has your experience helped you?
I  understand the importance of knowing my clients on a personal level. I  encourage my clients to express their dreams, ideas, goals and opinions so I can  truly understand their vision. I am there every step of the way. My  expertise will allow your special day/event  to be effortless, on time, on budget and stress free.  As fun and creative as event planning can be it is also a business. Which means details & deadlines must be met, budgets must be kept and all parties must feel at ease with us from the first planning meeting until the events end.

 Q. What are the benefits of an event planner?
When it comes to weddings, often times couples both work and have busy schedules to begin with, we allow you to reduce the amount of time in the planning process. We help to guide couples through the process allowing them to enjoy being "engaged" with their family and friends and not worry about their big day because we are behind the scenes making sure each detail is perfection!

For corporate events, planners provide the opportunity for the company to focus on what they do best and the details of planning and marketing the event is left to us. We allow companies to achieve their goals without overwhelming their already busy workload, while staying on budget!

Q. What is a wedding planner?
 A wedding planner is a professional that understands all of the steps to prepare for a wedding. We know all of the many details involved and we are able to add creative ideas to personalize your day. We allow the couple to enjoy their special day knowing they have a professional taking care of everything.

Q.  Can't I use books/software or an online planner?
 Real wedding planners can readily recommend worthy vendors based on your requirements and budget, helping you to save money when possible. We offer customized ideas and advice, providing moral support and stress reduction. Not to mention the fact that we have planned weddings many times over! With these other options for planning a wedding  the bride and groom still have to research all of the vendors and do all of the work.

Q. What if I only want help right before my wedding day?
No problem, we offer a variety of levels of services including Day/Month Of Coordination. 

Q. What are my options?
There are many options when it comes to event planning, each one with its own level of services and promises.  Our main focus is to provide you with a service that is totally customized to your needs. We start by meeting with you at your convenience, no charge, no obligation.  We can do as much or as little as you want.  We can look after any component of your event, or we can orchestrate the entire event from beginning to end. Once you decide how we can best serve you the planning begins!

   We give you the freedom to do what you do best and leave the details to us!

Every last detail...perfection!
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